Claire Powell
You have little idea how much of an inspiration you have been to me. Right before the SCW conference, I was totally feeling beat up by this industry and pretty much ready to quit it. I almost didn’t attend the conference, because I only needed 1 hour to renew my ACE cert and since I was thinking of giving up anyway why bother. Then I saw that you were going to be there, and I got really excited. I remembered the energy I gained from taking your master class a few years back. I had to go! Thank you for your passionate positive energy. It turned things around for me. Instead of getting bitter and crawling under a rock (which is where I was headed), you helped me to pull my head out of my hindquarters and become powerful as opposed to pitiful. THANK YOU MARIETTA!!! You have made such a difference in my life. Keep up your good work. You make me excited about the future of Aquatic Exercise. Wishing you all the best,