Carla Bond
Fitness has only played a key role in my life for a relatively short time. I have most recently had the great privilege of meeting Marietta Mehanni and would like to share some of the wonderful changes that have occurred as a result. In 2007 an American professor, Dr. Randy Pausch, delivered an upbeat speech at Carnegie Mellon University. Terminally ill with pancreatic cancer and with only months left to live, he entitled his acclaimed speech ‘The Last Lecture’. Amongst his many lessons on leading a fulfilling life, he said that you had better decide early on if you are a Tigger or an Eeyore. Eeyore is pessimistic, depressed and deflated. He has no self confidence and doesn’t think anything is right. On the other hand, Tigger is energetic, joyful, curious, enthusiastic and positive. His bright personality brings out the best in people. Now those that have met Marietta know exactly where I am headed with this. She has clearly made her decision about how she wants to live her life and the positive impact that she has on others is testament to this choice. About a year and a half ago I began participating in group fitness classes. Passing by the window, I had observed Marietta’s HiLo class for months. However, the Eeyore in my mind told me I wasn’t fit or co-ordinated enough to give it a try. When I finally did, Marietta introduced herself and chatted with me, explaining how the class is structured and provided me with much needed encouragement. And that’s the thing about Marietta – she knows her participants, who is new, who needs challenging, who just can’t be bothered, who is anxious (me!) and she still succeeds in adapting her choreography and personality to meet the individual needs and expectations of every participant. Her weekly HiLo classes are always different, creatively crafted and a high energy workout. Marietta never underestimates the importance of having fun and her participants always leave the class sweating, smiling and feeling sensational. Soon after meeting Marietta, she introduced me to the Gymstick. I have greatly enjoyed learning about this fitness tool and challenging my body in new and interesting ways. I have never started something different and felt such instant, noticeable results. Gymstick has given me the opportunity to create my own workouts that target the areas that I want. Since attending Marietta’s HiLo class and working with the Gymstick, I have noticed improved strength, balance and fitness. Simultaneously, and perhaps more importantly, I am also feeling my mental energy and confidence begin to grow. As the song goes: The wonderful thing about tiggers Is tiggers are wonderful things! Their tops are made out of rubber; Their bottoms are made out of springs! They’re bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy, Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! But the most wonderful thing about tiggers is I’m the only one! Marietta is undoubtedly a tigger, full of sunshine in life and there is definitely only one of her. I am grateful to have crossed paths and thank her for passing on to me a little bit of her ‘bounce!’