Bronwyn Meyrick
I had just completed my group exercise instructor training when Marietta became my mentor (I had been one of her many fans when I finally took the leap and did my training). At the time I could teach only a few very basic steps, and did not feel ready yet to take on a whole class of my own. Not to mention managing the microphone!! Thanks to Marietta’s expertise, patience, support, approachability and honesty, and the hours she has invested in me, I have learnt so much since then. Marietta has an amazing talent for being creative and meticulously methodical and she has shared with me techniques that have helped me to feel more confident (and quicker) in creating and breaking down, my own routines. However, the two most important things she’s helped me to appreciate are that, as an instructor, everything you do is an act of communication and it’s all about the participants! I now have my own regular classes and I’m hooked. Thanks Marietta!