Belinda Edmondston
(FITNESS LIFE PERSONAL TRAINER OF THE YEAR SOUTH ISLAND 2009) Marietta, As you know I am a HUGE fan of your work and LOVE your style. Just wanted to THANK YOU for being brave enough to come to Christchurch and being a breath of fresh air for us all. As personal trainers here we are all dealing with very hideous situations i.e 50% of my clients have lost immediate family/loved ones, loss of homes, as well as all the other trials and tribulations of life at the best of times! It’s quite incomprehensible. YOU ARE SUCH AN INSPIRATION LOVING the Gymstick Muscle release 2, have got it down pact (exception of warm up) and did it with all my clients yesterday, talk about laugh. It was a lot of fun. So e-mailed Collette today for release 1 and a Boot Camp stick so I can run with it to the studio. It never ceases to amaze me how a stick with two rubber bands can really be such an amazing piece of equipment. Mind you I think a lot of that is in also who presents it and their enthusiasm and belief in the product. Gymstick are very fortunate to have you on their side. It goes without saying that you will keep up your fantastic work Marietta.