Andrew Brenton
Marietta has the rare and precious gift of being truly natural and intuitive educator. Combining solid theory with artistic flair, she can step inside the head of any student and teach exactly what they need to know at that time – whether a brand new instructor struggling with the basics or a fresh presenter looking to hone their advanced presentation skills. Her clarity and sound methods mean what she teaches stays with you always and no matter how far you climb, each step on the way is accessible and easy to achieve. Step: Marietta has a rich love and understanding of freestyle Step that makes her a learning inspiration. An innate sense of chorographic smoothness, sound underlying breakdown theory and a natural creativity make her ideally suited to coach freestyle Step at any level. Don’t just learn Step the way everybody else does: learn to understand Step, then with that understanding forge yourself into a truly unique Step instructor when thinks outside the box. The many national and international presentors to whom Marietta has been key is living testament to the fact that her Step instructor training program will take you – and your Step – as far as you dream to go!