Danielle Brown

Marietta’s classes are brilliant. My favourite are her online Zoom Gymstick classes, which make me stronger in a safe and fun way. Every class is different and I am always learning something new. I really appreciate the personal interaction and confirmation I am doing the right thing. Spending time with Marietta, with her wonderful encouragement and enthusiasm, is a great way to start the day. My mood is much better too – my whole family benefits! Thank Marietta, you are an inspiration.

Merryn Bellamy

Your Membership has some great advantages – time effective (no travel), fits into my day anytime I want, I can pick a class that suits my mood/ needs at the time, great choices, portable (have wifi and Gymstick and can take a class any where), great music, great instructor who knows how to present and give instructions, and an instructor that makes me smile – a LOT ! Oh and Gymstick is shaping my body in a way it hasn’t been for a long time (from my racing days) with less effort and a lot more fun – what else do I need !!

Sharyn Case

Thanks Marietta and Mark, this course (Memory Through Movement) has given me a lot more knowledge on the ‘why’ we should all be moving our head more. I teach a lot of infant swimming classes and have always done vestibular movement within the class but only ever briefly spoke about the why because of my limited knowledge. Now I feel I can give parents a lot more information about the value of moving their infants head. This goes for my Aqua participants also! Thanks for keeping it Simple, yet Informative

Cristina Katzourakis

Thanks for the wonderful experience on June 21st Virtual Aqua Day. Being on line has been certainly different and probably more educational so I can understand the process more. I was able to take notes and then in my own time try it out in the water. You have definitely converted me! The pace was great and I was able to attend irrespective of where the course was located.

Kym Bonisch

Thank you so much for doing a zoom workshop – living in a regional rural area where I would normally lose two days just in travel to attend, it has opened a new way of learning. Given I am relatively new to this field, I learnt so much from today’s workshop and gained so many more exercises to add to my routines, especially the additional ones that can be done with the humble kickboard. I have seriously been under using this piece of equipment.

Vicki Zumbraegel

I first met Marietta this year at the 2013 New Zealand Fitness Road Show in Christchurch. She was presenting Pelvic Floor First. This was my first presentation that I had been to as a student Personal Trainer (PT).

I got talking to Marietta before she started. I loved how engaging she was.

I told her how this subject was close to my heart, after delivering 3 large babies, I experienced poor pelvic floor muscles myself that were on a scale of 0/5, needing to call 111. I trialled a vibrating chair to sit on to tighten my pelvic floors muscles – the thing was with this, I wasn’t doing the work myself and still had no clue as to what I was supposed to be doing. Needless to say it didn’t work and so I had a Pelvic Floor repair by a TVT (tension-free vaginal tape).

I shared my story at the presentation. Marietta then asked an amazing question which was the turning point for me – the point of difference I now have in my PT business to empower other women. She asked what follow up I had after my operation – NIL!!! It hadn’t occurred to me that the operation was not the fix all and if I didn’t start getting serious about my Pelvic Floor muscles I may have to have the operation again. Who is to say that it will work as well the second/third time around? I seriously listened to her to the very end!

We practiced with Marietta’s wonderful fun visualising skills to accomplish the exercises of strengthening our Pelvic Floor muscles. It was a break-through moment for me feeling what I was supposed to feel and that I could do it!

I am so loving her passion and knowledge and now very grateful that Marietta is one of my mentors who wholeheartedly encourages and supports me and my business.

Thank you so much Marietta.

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