Aqua Gymstick Green/Light

Aqua Gymstick Green/Light


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The Aqua Gymstick class provides a unique workout that not only elevates heart rate, but also provides an excellent upper and lower body workout. Easy to modify and highly adaptable, a truly remarkable exercise tool.

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Aqua Gymstick

A fitness tool that combines exercise band and water resistance exercise into one effective workout. Until now it has not been possible to train with any equipment above the water surface – with Aqua Gymstick it is possible! Aqua Gymstick is a innovative fitness tool that combines stick- and resistance band exercise into one effective workout.

Gymstick Aqua - Light/Green
GYMSTICK light has been designed for rehabilitation workouts and exercise for the elderly. The resistance of green exercise bands ranges
from 1 to 10 kg

You can rent or buy a complete Gymstick H20 workout on Vimeo on Demand


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Weight 8 kg

3 reviews for Aqua Gymstick Green/Light

  1. Sue

    Deep water aerobics and Gymstick have helped me get rid of my sciatic pain that I have endured for 2 years. They have also helped me lose over 5 kilos and tone my muscles without aggravating my back. If you have exhausted all avenues and still haven’t achieved the results you wanted, I highly recommend that you give them a try.

  2. Karen

    I cannot rave about Aqua Gymstick enough! The Aqua Gymstick IS what’s getting me into shape after baby #3. I can exercise relaxing my tense shoulders and knowing my posture is fabulous. You know you’ve had a fantastic workout when you hop out of the pool feeling like you look like Elle MacPherson

  3. Liz

    Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the Gymsticks. I got the chance to use one this morning and thinking that this wasn’t for me but decided to give it a go. I found having my feet in the stirrups made me feel the benefit of using my legs more and I was doing a lot move different movements than the dumbbells. What’s more fantastic for me is that recently I have only been able to use one dumbbell because my left hand and thumb has become so arthritic, holding and pushing the dumbbell in the water really hurt and I was feeling frustrated. Now, operating the Gymstick is going to be wonderful and will enable me to use both hands.

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