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Virtual membership

Only $29 per month

Extensive library of 40 to 60 minute workouts that you can do at any time. Workouts that improve balance, muscle endurance and strength. Pelvic floor safe workouts. Classics like aerobics & step classes. New formats: mSwing & Gymstick and member exclusive videos! New videos added every day!


Only $20 per month

Are you ready to take your aqua instruction to the next level?

Marietta is a globally renowned aqua exercise expert and her mission is to help others achieve aqua greatness!
The Aqua instructor community is an incredible group of passionate people and Marietta has created a mentoring membership to be able to share, learn, create, discuss and explore all things aqua.
If you yearn for connection with other instructors, ideas and concepts to expand your repertoire and successful strategies for dealing with participants, then this membership is for you!

The Aqua Mentoring Membership is for aqua instructors who would like to meet weekly to learn, share and be part of a community of like minded professionals.
Each week the group Zoom’s in together to focus on a weekly topic (e.g. a piece of equipment, partner work, cool downs, dealing with feedback etc), share successes and reflect on what they have learnt and implemented over the previous week. 
Can’t attend live? No problem! Every session is recorded and available for viewing at any time!
All of this for only $20 per week! 

VirtuaL Workouts

One Class – Only $8

Class options: If you want to exercise in a way that serves your body, then you also want to pay in a way that serves your pocket.  Each class is 55 minutes long.


The Gymstick is designed to provide a muscle conditioning program that can be manipulated for your specific needs. Experience a conditioning workout that includes muscle strength, endurance, balance, coordination, cardiovascular conditioning and mobility.

Swiss Ball
Muscle Conditioning

Step is a fantastic low impact cardio workout that trains the lower body and the brain. Functional and effective, step is a fun way to improve balance and coordination. Marietta carefully designs her workouts to cater for every level.

Low Impact
Pelvic Floor


Marietta packs an awful lot of personality into her tiny frame. A wealth of information, and extremely generous with her time and expertise, Marietta’s sessions are always fun and fascinating. Marie... Read More
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Bronwyn Meyrick 
Functional core and from the waist down in Singapore “I absolutely did get some great stuff from the two workshops, already using in my bodysculpt and ABT classes this week. So thank you very much f... Read More
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PRESENTERS INC. What a pleasure! What an experience! Presenters Inc. is a must for all wishing to make a leap from instructor to presenter. A journey of life time proportion brought into a beautifully... Read More
Nicco Kuc 
Try to get to know Marietta Mehanni and you will find that she is a fitness maniac, burning with passion to get everyone moving. You cannot help but be motivated, inspired and influenced by her. Marie... Read More
Naomi Ling 
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