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Extensive library of 40 to 60 minute workouts that you can do at any time. Workouts that improve balance, muscle endurance and strength. Pelvic floor safe workouts. Classics like aerobics & step classes. New formats: mSwing & Gymstick and member exclusive videos! New videos added every day!

Virtual gymstick Workouts

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Class options: If you want to exercise in a way that serves your body, then you also want to pay in a way that serves your pocket. More classes will be added over the coming weeks. Each class is 55 minutes long.


The Gymstick is designed to provide a muscle conditioning program that can be manipulated for your specific needs. Experience a conditioning workout that includes muscle strength, endurance, balance, coordination, cardiovascular conditioning and mobility.

Swiss Ball
Muscle Conditioning

Step is a fantastic low impact cardio workout that trains the lower body and the brain. Functional and effective, step is a fun way to improve balance and coordination. Marietta carefully designs her workouts to cater for every level.

Low Impact
Pelvic Floor


In August 2010 I injured my back causing the Lumbar 4/5 Intervertebral disc to prolapse 22mm. Compression of the L5 and L4 nerves caused weakness, loss of sensation and numbness of my right leg. I fou... Read More
Matt Phillips
Marietta is one of the most knowledgeable, organised and skilled presenters I have ever had the pleasure of working with. The energy and enthusiasm that Marietta brings to her teaching sessions is inf... Read More
Matt Phillips 
Vicki Zumbraegel
I first met Marietta this year at the 2013 New Zealand Fitness Road Show in Christchurch. She was presenting Pelvic Floor First. This was my first presentation that I had been to as a student Personal... Read More
Vicki Zumbraegel 
Rebecca Downes
I participated in the “So You Want to be a Presenter” course in 2005 and since then have had the opportunity to present in many different forums. The course really gave me the confidence and push ... Read More
Rebecca Downes 
Aqua Power Ladies
A note of appreciation for your dedication in taking our Wednesday and Friday morning Aqua Power Classes. Last Friday after our class we were all talking over coffee about how much we enjoy your class... Read More
Aqua Power Ladies DonCaster Aquarena
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