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Virtual Workouts with Marietta membership

Only $29 per month

Want workouts that are effective, safe and different? Workout anywhere, with unlimted access to hundreds of unique classes designed to meet the needs of all women’s bodies over the age of 40.

Whether this is is your first workout class or you want to improve your fitness level, Virtual Workouts with Marietta membership offers a variety of workouts at your convenience. Try out a class today and experience the convenience of working out from the comfort of your own home. 

Join us for fun, flexible classes that leave you feeling great.

“When the gym closed its doors I was distraught and wondered how I was ever going to be able to do exercise again. That all changed when I signed up for Virtual Membership with Marietta! Now I am seriously thinking – do I even want to go back to the gym at all? I’m loving the freestyle step and Gymstick classes and am checking out mSwing workouts. I can exercise every day according to my schedule, the classes are always different and are amazing value for money especially as Marietta engages with her audience as if you are actually at one of her classes. Thanks Marietta!”

Catherine Owczarek



Only $25 per month

Are you ready to take your aqua instruction to the next level?

Marietta is a globally renowned aqua exercise expert and her mission is to help others achieve aqua greatness!
The Aqua instructor community is an incredible group of passionate people and Marietta has created a mentoring membership to be able to share, learn, create, discuss and explore all things aqua.
If you yearn for connection with other instructors, ideas and concepts to expand your repertoire and successful strategies for dealing with participants, then this membership is for you!


The Aqua Mentoring Membership is for aqua instructors who would like to meet weekly to learn, share and be part of a community of like minded professionals.
Each week the group Zoom’s in together to focus on a weekly topic (e.g. a piece of equipment, partner work, cool downs, dealing with feedback etc), share successes and reflect on what they have learnt and implemented over the previous week.
Can’t attend live? No problem! Every session is recorded and available for viewing at any time!

“I wanted to thank you for this amazing set up where we can share and discuss openly about various topics. Honestly I felt so liberated hearing stories and sharing mine too. I feel like a part of a community as there are only a handful people you can discuss such topics with and I am very happy to be a part of it. The sessions are really helping me to grow more confident in myself!”

Renuka Manik


VirtuaL Live Workouts

FREE POP UP & Paid Classes (Only $8)

Not sure what you will enjoy? Join me for weekly free pop up workouts and paid workouts. What to expect in a Virtual Live Class:

Form & Technique
The right technique can make all the difference. Whether your aim is to get stronger, leaner or improve your overall fitness, Marietta will guide you.

Diverse Classes
Explore a new workout each time. Classes are kept fresh, fun and exciting with a variety of different tools, moves and a different pace in each class.

Body & Brain
Train your body and your brain. Workouts that will improve your memory and provide stimulus to keep you alert and focused at all times.

Click Learn More to check out free 20 min sessions of 7 different class formats.

“Marietta’s classes are brilliant. My favourite are her online Zoom Gymstick classes, which make me stronger in a safe and fun way. Every class is different and I am always learning something new. I really appreciate the personal interaction and confirmation I am doing the right thing. Spending time with Marietta, with her wonderful encouragement and enthusiasm, is a great way to start the day. My mood is much better too – my whole family benefits! Thank Marietta, you are an inspiration. “

Danielle Brown

Regular Attendee

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The Gymstick is designed to provide a muscle conditioning program that can be manipulated for your specific needs. Experience a conditioning workout that includes muscle strength, endurance, balance, coordination, cardiovascular conditioning and mobility.

Swiss Ball
Body Conditioning

Step is a fantastic low impact cardio workout that trains the lower body and the brain. Functional and effective, step is a fun way to improve balance and coordination. Marietta carefully designs her workouts to cater for every level.

Low Impact
Stretch Me Live Virtual Classes
Stretch Me