Vicki Zumbraegel
I first met Marietta this year at the 2013 New Zealand Fitness Road Show in Christchurch. She was presenting Pelvic Floor First. This was my first presentation that I had been to as a student Personal Trainer (PT). I got talking to Marietta before she started. I loved how engaging she was. I told her how this subject was close to my heart, after delivering 3 large babies, I experienced poor pelvic floor muscles myself that were on a scale of 0/5, needing to call 111. I trialled a vibrating chair to sit on to tighten my pelvic floors muscles – the thing was with this, I wasn’t doing the work myself and still had no clue as to what I was supposed to be doing. Needless to say it didn’t work and so I had a Pelvic Floor repair by a TVT (tension-free vaginal tape). I shared my story at the presentation. Marietta then asked an amazing question which was the turning point for me – the point of difference I now have in my PT business to empower other women. She asked what follow up I had after my operation – NIL!!! It hadn’t occurred to me that the operation was not the fix all and if I didn’t start getting serious about my Pelvic Floor muscles I may have to have the operation again. Who is to say that it will work as well the second/third time around? I seriously listened to her to the very end! We practiced with Marietta’s wonderful fun visualising skills to accomplish the exercises of strengthening our Pelvic Floor muscles. It was a break-through moment for me feeling what I was supposed to feel and that I could do it! I am so loving her passion and knowledge and now very grateful that Marietta is one of my mentors who wholeheartedly encourages and supports me and my business. Thank you so much Marietta.
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