Dee Shefrin
Setting Sail With Gymstick Recently I took part in my first Gymstick course run by Marietta one week before going on holiday. It was the Gymstick for PT workshop held in Narrewarren and I purchased a Bootcamp Gymstick with a view to using it in my Personal Training sessions My alternative motive was to take the Gymstick away with me to maintain my fitness. You may be thinking what’s so special about that! Well our holiday was on board a sailing ship. A clipper to be precise. There were 159 passengers on board and 80 crew, no gym, two small plunge pools one of which enabled anyone at the bar to peer through the portholes into the pool…. The Aqua fitness class was viewed by all and sundry! However, being a competitive masters swimmer I was not to be deterred and took my gymstick up aft every morning with the sunrise. There were not many passengers about at that time and I did get some strange looks from crew members who were more used to seeing passengers relaxing on the sun loungers than flexing muscles on deck. I followed the routine on the poster given with the gymstick and worked up quite a sweat as well as creating quite a bit of interest amongst the passengers; several of whom enquired as to how it worked and where to obtain one. I maintained some strength and flexibility during the cruise around the Mediterranean but couldn’t quite manage to keep the kilo’s from the wonderful food and cocktails at bay. The gymstick folded up and fit in my husband’s suitcase, mine been too full of souvenirs and clothes. I was a bit worried about the commando type camouflage bag that it came in especially going through customs but as in the check in luggage no one queried what it was. Thanks Marietta for introducing me to this wonderful portable, do anywhere exercise stick. I hope that you have had several overseas enquiries since my holiday.