Aqua Power Ladies
DonCaster Aquarena
A note of appreciation for your dedication in taking our Wednesday and Friday morning Aqua Power Classes. Last Friday after our class we were all talking over coffee about how much we enjoy your classes. Your commitment and professionalism to all of us is great. The way you are always on time, routine worked out, music organised, showing us respect and we hope we do the same to you. You explain how each exercise is of benefit to some area of our bodies, and how we can improve our overall health by giving your 110% in your classes. In other words, you care. Perhaps we don’t how you enough how much it means to us to have a committed, enthusiastic, expert teacher. We love your classes and would be lost without them. It brings a quality of life, health and fitness that seems harder to achieve as we age, but doing your classes is empowering and uplifting to use all.