Alison Jenkins
I decided to do the group fitness instructor course with Marietta for a number of reasons. I first meet her during my time on my cert 3 and cert 4 course through Career Fitness, she was one of the instructors on the course and showed a great deal knowledge and excitement for the Fitness industry. During the course she introduced me to the Gymstick, which, I went on to do Gymstick PT. I choose to do the group fitness instructor course with her because of her on going dedication and motivation to crating fitness professionals that stand well above the rest. After all she is world renowned for her amazing skills as a group fitness leader and presenter. With her high standards in education I knew I was getting the best training around. Marietta presents her information and workshops with purpose and excitement that makes it only all to easy to get inspired to be the best you can be. She crates an environment that is fun and interesting with lots of energy. Real hands on learning! She gives you little bits of golden tips that others forget to pass on. She provides information about the how and why of the industry and what you can expect from working within the fitness industry. She is keen to share for those that seek information and is always ready to help out even when the course or workshop has well been finished. One wise saying she passed on to me was “Lack of focus comes from NOT knowing what you want to do. Creativity comes from KNOWING what you want to do and having the desire to express it.” Marietta Mehanni My future health and fitness goals are to continue to learn from the best and develop my style within the industry. I am planning a sole bike ride from Perth to Melbourne to raise awareness and support for those with depression and mental illness this will happen in 2011. I look forward to what adventures life has to offer me on my journey as fitness professional. My son supersedes everything else and is my greatest joy, but when I am not hanging out with my son or working, I am working! Sounds strange but my passion is fitness and it is my hobby as well as my life.