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Ready to change the way you and your clients move?

Improve flexibility without stretching – enrol in our free online course today.

Marietta Mehanni Education


This comprehensive online course will teach you the science behind mSwing and how to perform and teach the mSwing movements.

What you’ll get:

  • learn, understand and apply the principles of mSwing
  • develop a system of reviewing mSwing technique for both themselves and their participants
  • explore class structure, technique cuing and participant safety
  • experience an mSwing masterclass
  • receive instructional videos to ensure that the key techniques and cues are retained

Certification will provided on completion of the assessment

Memory through Movement

In this course you will discover how to stimulate the vestibular system to prime brain function in a way that will improve attention, memory and performance.

What you’ll get:

  • the theory and the background science that supports vestibular facilitation
  • practical applications, and explore how this will work for your clients
  • exercise sequences, progressions and teaching points
flexibility without stretching

Ready to change the way you and your clients move?

You will learn:

  • An understanding of the body’s nervous system
  • How sliding a nerve will bring greater range of motion
  • Four neural mobilisers that you can implement straight away for yourself and clients
Move to improve part 1

What you will learn in this course

In this course you will discover the effect that exercise has on collagen, how this effect is influenced by estrogen levels and the surprising opportunity that this offers menopausal women to gain additional benefit from targeted exercise.
This course explores the activity and lifestyle  guidelines that are going to be important to be aware of to ensure that you or your clients get the best out of their body during menopause, post menopause and ongoing.

Explore the effect that exercise has on muscles and fascia over hours, days, weeks and years.   

Find out the differences in the response to exercise between men and women and also between women of different ages.

Discover styles of exercise that will allow the muscles and fascia to adapt in ways that will make you a better mover regardless of your age. 

Move to Improve Part 2

In this course you will find out how tension, movement, and appropriate loading can influence the way that fascial tissue adapts. From freedom of movement through hydration, to improved force transfer through replication and alignment of collagen, to better posture through retraining of proprioception – your clients have so much to gain from targeted exercise in your classes.

What you will learn in this course

  • Identify the forces and mechanics involved in fascial loading.
  • Develop an understanding of mechanotransduction and its influence on tissue alignment, tension and proprioception.
  • Explore tissue hydration and the influence of hyaluronic acid on mobility, function and overall health.
  • Apply the theory in movement through a workout that uses the key movement patterns and intensities required to gain the best effect in your clients.
mSwing rehabilitation

mSwing rehabilitation is an online consultation service designed to help you to move better. The service is a physiotherapist consultation with education and advice on exercise, activities and lifestyle modifications that will help you understand and work with your body.


Want to be inspired by new ways to use the noodle in an aqua class? Then you are in the right place.

What you’ll get:

  • Explanation of the noodle, different types of noodles and ways that the noodle can be used

  • Discussion around the purpose of why noodles are an effective tool in water to increase cardiovascular fitness and upper body strength

  • A master class using the noodles in shallow water for standing and suspended exercises


    Kickboards may not be new, but Marietta’s ideas for ways to use them certainly are!

    What you’ll get:

    • Explanation of the different ways that the kickboard can be used in a water exercise class

    • Tips on how to demonstrate on pool deck so that clients can understand how to perform the exercises
    • A master class using the kickboard in shallow water for standing and suspended exercises

      aqua core

      Want to be inspired by functional ways to use one dumbbell in an aqua class? Then you are in the right place.

      What you’ll get:

      • What is functional movement and what are the activities of daily living.

      • How to translate a functional movement pattern on land into the water 

      • How using one dumbbell in the water can orientate the body in positions that would combine different functional movement patterns

      ONLY ONE

      Want to be inspired by functional ways to use one dumbbell in an aqua class? Then you are in the right place.

      What you’ll get:

      • What is functional movement and what are the activities of daily living.

      • How to translate a functional movement pattern on land into the water 

      • How using one dumbbell in the water can orientate the body in positions that would combine different functional movement patterns



      What you’ll get:

      • Definition of disabilities & what are the different types of intellectual disabilities
      • Real life examples from someone with an intellectual disability
      • Appropriate language & how to make classes inclusiveIdeas for both adult and children’s classes, to encourage movement and involvement
      • Completion certificate with 8 Fitness Australia CEC

      Gymstick Education

      To provide instructors with a clear and extensive overview of the Gymstick™ as an effective and versatile group fitness and personal training tool.

      Gymstick Group Trainer Certification

      Become a Gymstick Trainer today. Online education that you can do anytime, anywhere – Simply Effective.

      Gymstick is a complete body workout. Each exercise will improve Your core strength, balance, posture, coordination, Muscle strength and endurance. Functional exercises in an interval format with maximal effort for maximum results and maximum fat loss.

      Take the first step to becoming a Gymstick instructor that will provide you with the tools to train others, change bodies and make a physical difference with your people.

      All you will need to start teaching group training formats.

      What you’ll get:

      • Step by step instructions
      • Videos for every lesson
      • Certificate of completion once the assessment is completed
      Anita Golob
      As a dedicated Midwife and Registered Nurse for the last 7 years, I always had a passion for fitness, especially the health of mothers and their unborn babies. Being a fitness freak myself I decided t... Read More
      Anita Golob Fit For 2
      Belinda Edmondston
      (FITNESS LIFE PERSONAL TRAINER OF THE YEAR SOUTH ISLAND 2009) Marietta, As you know I am a HUGE fan of your work and LOVE your style. Just wanted to THANK YOU for being brave enough to come to Christc... Read More
      Belinda Edmondston 
      Carla Bond
      Fitness has only played a key role in my life for a relatively short time. I have most recently had the great privilege of meeting Marietta Mehanni and would like to share some of the wonderful change... Read More
      Carla Bond 
      Marietta’s classes are brilliant. My favourite are her online Zoom Gymstick classes, which make me stronger in a safe and fun way. Every class is different and I am always learning something ne... Read More
      Alison Jenkins
      I decided to do the group fitness instructor course with Marietta for a number of reasons. I first meet her during my time on my cert 3 and cert 4 course through Career Fitness, she was one of the ins... Read More
      Alison Jenkins 

      My Group Move Education

      The one-stop platform for all group fitness instructors. We deliver online and face-to-face education. Join our community, upskill and expand.

      Move to the Beat

      Marietta and Maria Teresa have delivered face-to-face workshops for many years and have seen how many group fitness instructors struggle to find the beat of the music and understand the structure of music.

      MOVE TO THE BEAT online course will help you understand the important role that music plays in group fitness, empower you to use it to your advantage in class and help you find the beat so are you never off-beat again.

      Communication and Connection

      The ability to connect and communicate is an essential component of creating a successful class, where participants return, week after week.
      My Group Move has created the Communication and Connection online course to help group fitness instructors learn skills that will help them connect with their participants, and teach effectively.

      GX DAY 2021 - TBC

      More info coming soon


      Have you ever wondered what it might be like to lead a class? Often people believe that it takes great skill and confidence to get up on stage and do your thing and this could not be further from the truth.

      The reality is in the process of class creation and knowing how to deliver the workout. The formula is the same for every class and once you know, you can simply hit repeat and you will find yourself teaching like a pro. 

      This course will provide you with the foundations for creating your own choreography by understanding the most commonly used teaching methods.

      Now you can create workout magic that keeps people coming back for more.


      This online course will provide you with the tools you need to create exciting warm ups to get your class participants motivated and eagerly anticipating the rest of the workout.

      Topics covered in this course:

      • Why is warming up so important
      • Mental reasons for warming up
      • First impressions
      • Length of the warm up
      • Marching pattern
      • Alternating lead leg pattern
      • Alternating lunge pattern
      • General low impact warm up
      • General martial arts warm up
      • General dance warm up
      • Music for warm ups
      • Tips for warm ups


      Thanks Marietta and Mark, this course (Memory Through Movement) has given me a lot more knowledge on the ‘why’ we should all be moving our head more. I teach a lot of infant swimming clas... Read More
      Les Rosenblatt
      Marietta is a wonderfully enthusiastic practitioner of the art of Gymstick, and engagingly generous in passing on her knowledge and experience.
      Les Rosenblatt 
      Nicco Kuc
      PRESENTERS INC. What a pleasure! What an experience! Presenters Inc. is a must for all wishing to make a leap from instructor to presenter. A journey of life time proportion brought into a beautifully... Read More
      Nicco Kuc 
      Rayanne Hutchins
      The DVD (Hard Core Core) is excellent. I remember this session with you and have used bit and pieces from it since then. I so “want to be you when I grow up!” ie you inspire me and I’m using the... Read More
      Rayanne Hutchins 
      Annette Dal Sasso
      Marietta is a killer presenter, one of a kind. Exceptionally motivating with an infectious personality.
      Annette Dal Sasso 
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