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About Marietta Mehanni Education

Tired of the old method of training clients and want to look for something truly different? Step outside the box and discover new ways to move and change people’s lives.

Instructors are the most important part of any group exercise program. They bring a program to life and infuse a fitness club with vitality.

Instructors help their clientele develop the required skills to use equipment correctly and provide them with the tools to create new, healthier, life-changing habits. An impassioned instructor nurtures and creates a fitness club culture that is living and magnetic, drawing in new clients organically.

Quality instructor training is, therefore, vital to the success of any group fitness class and overall program. This is an area that I am passionate about and it has been the driving force in my presenting and lecturing career. I always say, “Train instructors well and they will look after your customers!”

Group fitness is such a great career, because there is so much diversity—teaching a variety of classes, different music, different abilities and then there is the lecturing, examining, presenting courses and workshops, and let’s not forget the traveling to conventions and networking with amazing people whose own experiences vastly differ to mine.

Marietta Mehanni Education

mSwing Instructor Certification

This comprehensive online course will teach you the science behind mSwing and how to perform and teach the mSwing movements.

What you’ll get:

  • learn, understand and apply the principles of mSwing
  • develop a system of reviewing mSwing technique for both themselves and their participants
  • explore class structure, technique cuing and participant safety
  • experience an mSwing masterclass
  • receive instructional videos to ensure that the key techniques and cues are retained

Certification will provided on completion of the assessment

“As a beginner to mSwing it’s perfect for my fitness level, abilities and age. Love the low impact with the option to use or not use the dumb-bell. But most of all I love the instructors. Your clear step by step instructions, your variations options and most importantly your smile and encouragement.”

Lesley Richardson

Gymstick Education

To provide instructors with a clear and extensive overview of the Gymstick™ as an effective and versatile group fitness and personal training tool.

Gymstick Group Trainer Certification

Become a Gymstick Trainer today. Online education that you can do anytime, anywhere – Simply Effective.

Gymstick is a complete body workout. Each exercise will improve Your core strength, balance, posture, coordination, Muscle strength and endurance. Functional exercises in an interval format with maximal effort for maximum results and maximum fat loss.

Take the first step to becoming a Gymstick instructor that will provide you with the tools to train others, change bodies and make a physical difference with your people.

All you will need to start teaching group training formats.

What you’ll get:

  • Step by step instructions
  • Videos for every lesson
  • Certificate of completion once the assessment is completed
“I love the ALL body workout I get from Gymstick. I find the trio of exercises step me into harder levels and because I can easily adjust how much resistance I put on the bands whilst still exercising, I can work to my own maximum.” Mana Goble

“I am enjoying “playing” around with my Gymstick and can’t wait to introduce Gymstick to my class participants who range in ages from 55 to 98 years. It has given me the ‘lift’ I need after feeling a bit stale with my classes lately.” Lisa

My Group Move Education

The one-stop platform for all group fitness instructors. We deliver online and face-to-face education. Join our community, upskill and expand.

Move to the Beat

Marietta and Maria Teresa have delivered face-to-face workshops for many years and have seen how many group fitness instructors struggle to find the beat of the music and understand the structure of music.

MOVE TO THE BEAT online course will help you understand the important role that music plays in group fitness, empower you to use it to your advantage in class and help you find the beat so are you never off-beat again.

Communication and Connection

The ability to connect and communicate is an essential component of creating a successful class, where participants return, week after week.
My Group Move has created the Communication and Connection online course to help group fitness instructors learn skills that will help them connect with their participants, and teach effectively.

GX DAY 2020

The workshop day for all group fitness instructors. Learn the top 6 GX tips, get a workout ready to teach and strategies that will keep your mind healthy. 5 CECs/CPDs.


“What a blast!! Another fabulous workshop, I totally enjoyed every minute of GX DAY. The mix of exercise ideas and the emotional/psychological side of our business was ‘the total package’. I came away with new skills and ideas and a renewed energy for my job as a Group Exercise Instructor. I can’t thank you guys enough. What a team. Can’t wait until you come to Adelaide again. Thanks so much for a fabulous day!!!”

Sue Kerr

“Wow ladies, this is really great! Easy to follow instructions, very clear and very thorough. Brings me right back to the days when I was a participant in freestyle aerobic classes! These days I teach pre choreographed classes but I can see this giving me the knowledge and the confidence to try teaching some freestyle 😊thanks” Fran Furci, AU

Pre-choreographed instructor

“I love the short blocks that you guys teach this in. Many times fitness can feel like drinking from a firehose. You guys have structured this beautifully so it is easy to understand.” Dawn Bamberg

Health Coach

I am committed to improving the fitness of all Australians.

I use a variety of methods—from face to face workouts that I deliver myself to educational coursework and classes that I have designed to teach the fitness industry to accomplish this goal.

For 30 years I have been actively engaged in educating fitness instructors in both the Australian and International communities.

I have presented at National and International conferences every year since 1994 and deliver workshops around Australia and New Zealand on topics which include aqua exercise and leadership, pelvic floor and core training, and functional muscle conditioning. I have played an integral role in creating a bridge between the fitness industry and physiotherapists with the purpose of providing a holistic approach to pelvic floor and core health.

It is impossible to fully describe the excitement and intensity that I feel coursing through my body when I am delivering a live presentation or working on a new online education project. Though the word “passion” may be considered cliche, there really is no other phrase more apt to describe the way that I feel about the teaching and training of fitness instructors.

I love every moment that I get to spend with the people who have decided to dedicate resources and time to spend with me to learn new information. I am addicted to seeing instructors experience those life-changing light bulb moments, that in life are so rare and so magical. I rarely feel separated from my audience, instead I believe that I am sharing in the learning along with my community, one that I am part of and certainly cannot do without.

All my life I have loved to solve problems—be it how to get my clients to perform an exercise better or finally getting to appreciate the benefit of a new healthy habit. I love coming up with creative ways to achieve this faster and easier as well as developing completely different and inspiring ways to move. Being a teacher is a calling innate in my very soul, and something I have been doing since I was still young in school, helping other students with their school work. There is no greater joy for me than to pass on something that I have learned to my colleagues so that we can all move forward effectively together.

Personal struggle

Being an overweight child and teenager in a small country town where sport prowess was revered made it impossible to fit in.

I longed to be part of a community, part of a circle of friends—just part of something—but my ethnicity and weight made it impossible. I wasn’t cool. I wasn’t interesting. I wasn’t athletic. I couldn’t hit or catch a ball, and running felt like torture. All I desperately wanted was to be like everyone else.

One summer, a gym opened in my little town. My dad thought it would be a good idea to purchase a gym membership while school was out for the term.

I was so nervous. I thought that I would have to do humiliating things in the fitness assessment and expose my grossness.

What I actually experienced was completely unexpected.

I was treated with respect, compassion, and gentleness that I had never before known in school. I was not expected to do anything other than what I felt comfortable doing. One of those things was aerobics. The idea of moving around to music brought back a long buried childhood desire to become a dancer, which had never felt like anything but an unattainable dream—but now, with aerobics felt almost fulfilled. Now I could move my body and enjoy music at the same time.

This ignited my lifetime passion with aerobics, now known as group fitness.

Today I am the weight that I am happy with, have the energy that allows me to do whatever I want, and I have the strength and ability to empower others to achieve the same.

Group fitness is accessible.

It allows people to move at their own pace and be part of a group. The instructor provides encouragement and guidance and allows each participant to choose their level of involvement. I love teaching classes and I am passionate about teaching others how to deliver classes using formats that cater to diversity