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Try to get to know Marietta Mehanni and you will find that she is a fitness maniac, burning with passion to get everyone moving. You cannot help but be motivated, inspired and influenced by her. Marie... Read More
Naomi Ling 
Thank you so much for doing a zoom workshop – living in a regional rural area where I would normally lose two days just in travel t... Read More
Kym Bonisch 
Thanks for the wonderful experience on June 21st Virtual Aqua Day. Being on line has been certainly different and probably more educational so I can understand the process more. I was able to take no... Read More
Thanks Marietta and Mark, this course (Memory Through Movement) has given me a lot more knowledge on the ‘why’ we should all be moving our head more. I teach a lot of infant swimming clas... Read More
PRESENTERS INC. What a pleasure! What an experience! Presenters Inc. is a must for all wishing to make a leap from instructor to presenter. A journey of life time proportion brought into a beautifully... Read More
Nicco Kuc 
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