Marietta Mehanni

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Marietta has the rare and precious gift of being truly natural and intuitive educator. Combining solid theory with artistic flair, she can step inside the head of any student and teach exactly what th... Read More
Andrew Brenton 
A note of appreciation for your dedication in taking our Wednesday and Friday morning Aqua Power Classes. Last Friday after our class we were all talking over coffee about how much we enjoy your class... Read More
Aqua Power Ladies DonCaster Aquarena
Having completed my Certificate III in Fitness (Gym Instructor) course with CAE in August 2010, I booked in to do their Group Fitness Instructor course (Sep-Dec 2010). I had been planning to do this ‚... Read More
Judy Davenport 
Try to get to know Marietta Mehanni and you will find that she is a fitness maniac, burning with passion to get everyone moving. You cannot help but be motivated, inspired and influenced by her. Marie... Read More
Naomi Ling 
I first met Marietta this year at the 2013 New Zealand Fitness Road Show in Christchurch. She was presenting Pelvic Floor First. This was my first presentation that I had been to as a student Personal... Read More
Vicki Zumbraegel 
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