Swiss Ball Virtual Workshop 9am (AEDT) Sunday 12th February 2023

Swiss Ball Virtual Workshop 9am (AEDT) Sunday 12th February 2023

If you want to take your exercise programs to new heights and give your clients more options in their workouts, then this workshop is for you!


The Swiss Ball course was packed with information and ideas. I certainly have a lot to take away and add to my classes. The cardio element of bouncing and lifting off the ball was a favourite as I have not previously used the ball for cardio“.

Sandra Brindley

I love Zoom workshops as they allow me to attend workshops that I would otherwise not be able to attend due to living in a remote area. Plus the additional bonus of having access to the content after the workshop itself“.

Kym Bonisch

The Swiss Ball Workshop is designed to give you an overview of the different types of balls, how they can be used, and the best way to ensure your client’s safety during exercises. The workshop will cover all the basics of Swiss Ball training, including:

-Why use a ball?

-How do you choose which ball to use?

-Swiss Ball Cardio (bounce and lift off)

-Body Conditioning exercises (upper/lower body and core strength training)

You will learn how to get your client comfortable on the ball, safely guide them through exercises while sitting on top of it, and even incorporate it into traditional floor-based exercises like squats or lunges. This workshop aims to give you the tools you need to confidently start incorporating Swiss Balls into your own personal training sessions!


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This workshop covers all the basics of Swiss Ball training. Suitable for both group fitness instructors and personal trainers, this course is a must if you want progressive exercises starting from beginner level to advanced stability training.

Workshop info

Date: Sunday 12th February 2023

Time: 9.00 am to 4.30 pm (AEDT) - Check your local time here

Cost: AU$180.00

*If you are a member of Marietta's Virtual Class membership, you can save 20% on the cost of this workshop! Log into your account and head to the discount codes section in your library!*

You will need to have access to a swiss ball

You will receive:

  • Lifetime access to replays
  • Over 40 videos of detailed explained exercises on the ball
  • Full workout videos for guidance and inspiration for your own classes
  • 5 AUSactive (Fitness Australia) CECs.
  • 30 FitRec points


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