mSwing Performance Coaching

mSwing Performance Coaching

mSwing performance coaching is an online consultation service designed to help you to move better.


Performance Coaching

Are you happy with the way that you move lately? Do you move in a way that feels skilful, smooth and energetic? Do you recover between sessions as well as you used to?

If you are an instructor, does your technique set up good modelling for your participants so that they can gain the maximum benefit from your workout? If you are a participant do you feel that you get the most out of your body in your sessions?

Performance coaching is designed to make you a better mover.

What is performance coaching?

Performance coaching was initially the realm of athletes. For athletes, programs are set up strategically so that skills and performance are developed and optimized. In athletic programs training volumes, intensity and recovery are adjusted to ensure that the athlete is getting the most out of their body at just the right time.

What works so well for athletes also works well for fitness instructors and participants. After all, we are in training.






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Performance coaching involves:

  • Working with your coach to find out what your priorities are in terms of movement and performance.
  • Observing the way that you move and identifying areas for improvement.
  • Examining your training regime and general lifestyle to gain insight into your best volume, intensity and recovery parameters.
  • Setting up a personalised plan to ensure that you are able to self-manage your program.

Through performance coaching, your training is set up in a way where you:

  • Become more skilful.
  • Move with better efficiency.
  • Significantly decrease your risk of injury.
  • Improve your physical capacity for a wider range of activities.

Who is the performance coach?

The service is led by renowned physiotherapist and movement coach Mark Davis.

Mark has an extensive background in rehabilitation and coaching. He has over 27 years of experience as a clinician and has developed effective rehabilitation and injury prevention systems for individuals, sports and industry. Mark was the founder and operator of Springboard Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, one of the first integrated physiotherapy practices inside a fitness centre in Australia.

Mark is also a physical education teacher and athletic coach. He has coached teams and individual athletes for over 35 years. Mark has coached sports as diverse as basketball, netball, athletics, rugby league, and soccer. He has developed training programs for a wide variety of athletes including triathletes, martial artists and sport aerobics competitors.

Mark is heavily involved in the fitness industry and has set up training plans for group exercise instructors, personal trainers and participants. Mark truly understands the needs of instructors, PTs and participants and is passionate about helping people get the most out of their training.

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