Gymstick For Older Adults Virtual Workshop 4th September 2022

Gymstick For Older Adults Virtual Workshop 4th September 2022


The Gymstick for Older Adults education will provide personal trainers, group exercise instructors, physiotherapists and exercise physiologists with the tools to offer their clients varied, safe, appropriate and effective workouts.

The Gymstick is an excellent piece of equipment that can be used for resistance training. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and nonthreatening so it’s perfect for older adults who may not feel comfortable with traditional weights or machines. It also helps improve balance and stability which are important as we age. Plus, when using free weights, poor technique is common – but the Gymstick guides angles of movement so there’s no chance for injury! You can micro load the resistance so it’s just right for your client or participants. You can use Gymstick anywhere, whether it be at home or in your local park with just about no setup required. And if you do want to take it on the road, it comes with its own carrying case and it easily pulls apart, so you don't have to worry about finding space for it in your car!

This workshop will show you how to use the Gymstick safely and effectively so you can start using it with your clients immediately. Even though this workshop is designed specifically for older adults, anyone at any age level can benefit from using the Gymstick

This education includes:

  • How the Gymstick can be used to cater for different needs: Physical and cognitive abilities, injuries, flexibility, strength, balance and endurance
  • Provide modifications and develop functional training to suit the specific needs of the client
  • How to challenge balance, proprioception, muscle strength and endurance and joint stability safely

You will receive:

Workshop info

Sunday 4th September 2022
9.30 am-4.30 pm AEST Click here for timezone converter 

LIVE VIRTUAL workshop - access via zoom

*You will need to have access to a Gymstick Original, you can order one by clicking here

*If you are a member of Marietta's Virtual Class membership, you can save 20% on the cost of this workshop! Log into your account and head to the discount codes section in your library!*

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