FREE Step from the Start Master Class 10am (AEST) Sunday 14th July 2024

FREE Step from the Start Master Class 10am (AEST) Sunday 14th July 2024

Take your teaching skills to the next level with this FREE ‘Step from the Start’ Master Class by group fitness guru Marietta Mehanni. Learn the essential core moves of teaching freestyle step and create classes that are easy and fun to instruct. Sign up now to elevate your teaching game!


Embark on a journey into the world of freestyle step choreography with Marietta Mehanni, a revered figure in the fitness industry with over three decades of experience. Join her for an exclusive master class for instructors eager to delve into the art of step.

Building Your Foundation: Essential Core Moves Unveiled

Whether you're a novice instructor or a seasoned pro, "Step from the Start" equips you with crucial insights before stepping into any step class. Discover the three foundational elements of freestyle step, a versatile format suitable for in-person and virtual instruction.

Empower Your Teaching, Inspire Your Clients

By mastering the core moves of step, you'll gain the confidence to craft dynamic classes tailored to your style and your client's needs. Benefit from Marietta's wealth of knowledge and elevate your teaching prowess to new heights.

Seize the opportunity to learn from one of Australia's foremost fitness presenters. Register now for this FREE seminar and propel your teaching skills to the next level. Don't miss out on this invaluable chance to refine your craft and inspire your students!

Sunday 14th July 2024

10 am (AEST) Check your timezone here




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