FREE Aqua Gymstick Seminar 20th Feb 2022

FREE Aqua Gymstick Seminar 20th Feb 2022

Free Aqua Gymstick seminar

Discover how the Aqua Gymstick can invigorate your water based workouts by taking part in this free seminar suitable for all fitness instructors, personal trainers and health professionals who wish to deliver water workouts.

Learn how you can improve your participants’ water workouts with Aqua Gymstick. This one hour free seminar will: Educate you on the benefits of the Gymstick Aqua, Teach you how to use the equipment, Show you some water workout routines.

The Aqua Gymstick delivers an incredible workout for all major muscle groups, and strengthens the core. The combination of resistance from the bands and buoyancy in the water makes for an extremely challenging, safe and effective workout.

The Aqua Gymstick is a training aid that allows water-based exercise professionals to engage their clients by harnessing the power of resistance. Take your class up a notch with Aqua Gymstick!

1.30pm AEDT 20th Feb 2022



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