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Marietta Mehanni

4 workshops in 1 Day VIRTUAL

4 workshops in 1 Day VIRTUAL

4 workshops in 1 Day VIRTUAL

Aqua Day VIRTUAL 30 Aug


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Deep to the Corepresented by Marietta Mehanni 9-10am
Using only one dumbbell as a buoyancy and resistance tool, this workshop will demonstrate how to challenge cardiovascular fitness and core muscle strength. As only Marietta knows how, the online video of the master class will demonstrate the multitude of ways a dumbbell can be used to create interesting movement patterns and deep water core exercises never seen before. If you are looking for a session that does not require lots of equipment, but can achieve an amazing workout, then this is the session for you.

Deep Cardiolatespresented by Brooke Crisp 10.30-11.30am    Have you tested Pilates moves and concepts in the deep? In this lecture Brooke will share how you can take popular Pilates principals and moves and pair them with heart pumping aqua cardio moves to create a dynamic workout that will get your clients to stop, think and focus. This lecture will leave you feeling confident and ready to take your deep participants to a whole new level of lengthening and strengthening.

Activating the Posterior Chain – presented by Dom Gili 12-1pm
Join Dom Gili as he discusses the benefits of improving strength in the ‘posterior chain’ and workouts that can be performed to achieve this. The multidirectional resistance of the water is the perfect environment to activating the often under-utilised muscles of the posterior chain (back, gluteus maximus, hamstrings and calves). The many benefits of targeting these muscles can include improved posture, increased stability, reduced chance of falls and reduced lower back pain. After the virtual lecture get access to the online video ‘Activating the Posterior Chain’ with underwater footage of water workouts and helpful teaching tips.

The Fascia Conversationpresented by Marietta Mehanni 1.30-3.30pm (with 15 min break)
Muscle activation has long been the primary focus regarding movement in water. More recently, a newer conversation about the role on fascia in effective exercise biomechanics has become more prevalent. This session will cover basic information about what fascia is and it’s role in the body. Find out how movement in water can be enhanced when fascial lines and slings are considered when performing aqua exercises.

Workshop info
Date: Sunday 30 August 2020
Venue: Delivered virtually via zoom
Time: 9am to 3.30pm
Cost: $170
CECs: 7 Fitness Australia CECs (only available for live full participation)


Unable to attend live? Recordings will be available post workshop (no CECs)







2 reviews for 4 workshops in 1 Day VIRTUAL

  1. admin

    “Thank you so much for doing a zoom workshop – living in a regional rural area where I would normally lose two days just in travel to attend, it has opened a new way of learning. Given I am relatively new to this field, I learnt so much from today’s workshop and gained so many more exercises to add to my routines, especially the additional ones that can be done with the humble kickboard. I have seriously been under using this piece of equipment.” Kym Bonisch

  2. admin

    “Thanks for the wonderful experience on June 21st Virtual Aqua Day.
    Being on line has been certainly different and probably more educational so I can understand the process more. I was able to take notes and then in my own time try it out in the water. You have definitely converted me!
    The pace was great and I was able to attend irrespective of where the course was located.”
    Cristina Katzourakis

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