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October 2013

  In this issue A stick and two rubber bands – why the fuss? Hat's off to... Upcoming Workshops Now Available at Mandurah Physiotherapy Vicki Zumbraegel Exercise of the month - Supermodel Push Up   DID YOU KNOW?? The heart is the strongest muscle of your...

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June 2013

  In this issue Still passionate? Hat's off to... Everything you ever WANTED and NEED to know about Program Coordinating FIT DESIGNS Gymstick for Older Adults Upcoming workshops Exercise of the month - Aqua Single Dumbbell Concept Testimonial of the Month -...

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April 2013

  In this issue Flashbacks Upcoming workshops The world's first digital program for Aqua! Exercise of the Month - Supine Leg Extension for Older Adults   DID YOU KNOW?? Walking sideways burns 78% more calories than walking forward. Lateral motion takes extra...

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Feb 2013

  In this issue A beginner again Upcoming workshops Gymstick Muscle change to format Gymstick Online Pelvic Floor First Exercise of the month - Glute Stretches   DID YOU KNOW?? Muscles play a key role during exercise, but did you know that there are a hidden...

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Jan 2013

  In this issue Interesting conversation Upcoming workshops Gymstick Online Aqua Pool Party Exercise of the month - Aqua Gymstick   DID YOU KNOW?? The human neck has the same number of vertebrae as a giraffe’s neck   Pelvic Floor First Keep up to date...

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Nov 2012

  In this issue Fitness Australia Upcoming workshops Pelvic Floor 3 Ways Exercise of the Month - Fitness Bag clean and press   DID YOU KNOW?? Soy is the only vegetable containing all eight essential amino acids, making soy a complete protein.  ...

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Oct 2012

  In this issue Pelvic Floor – the new hot topic. Upcoming workshops Exercise of the month - Abductors     DID YOU KNOW?? Your tongue is the fastest healing part of your body   Gymstick Muscle Gymstick Muscle is a unique muscle conditioning class...

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Sept 2012

  In this issue Functional training – it’s hard to let go Upcoming workshops Exercise of the month - Step Lunges     DID YOU KNOW?? All the blinking in one day equates to having your eyes closed for 30 minutes   Gymstick Aqua Gymstick Aqua is...

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June 2012

In this issue What drives you? Tricks, Tools and Trades of Program Coordinating TWOMAN'S HEALTH Gymstick Workshops Exercise of the month - Bridge with one dumbbell Gymstick Muscle release 6 Testimonial of the Month - Lucy Martin     DID YOU KNOW?? Your...

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May 2012

In this issue Mesmerising Myofacial Meridians Simplecue Tricks, Tools and Trades of Program Coordinating Gymstick Muscle Masterblaster 2012 Presenters Inc 2012 Exercise of the month- Aqua Gymstick Trio Testimonial of the month- Jenny Harrison     DID YOU...

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April 2012

In this issue FILEX 2012 The Pregnacy Centre - Post Natal Exercises Gymstick in Portugal Upcoming Workshops Exercise of the Month - Balance Straight Leg Deadlifts Testimonial of the Month - Rose Fraser Gymstick Swiss Ball Sensation     DID YOU KNOW??...

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November 2011

In this issue Welcome to the November edition of Marietta Mehanni's Newsletter Article of the Month Aqua Gymstick – Its Aquafabulous! by Suzanne Shardlow Pelvic Floor First Gymstick Muscle Music release 4!!! Upcoming workshops! Exercise of the month- Aqua Gymstick...

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