Marietta Mehanni

Pelvic Floor Explosion

Written by Marietta

November 28, 2013

Pelvic floor and the word explosion in the same line probably is not good thing! Except in the context of  many fitness professionals moving forward with pelvic floor awareness, in both their businesses and also and on a personal level.

I have just finished a Fitness NZ tour where I delivered 2.5 hour presentations on the message from Pelvic Floor First about the extent of the problem, the challenges it presents individuals wanting to and currently exercising, and how the fitness industry can be part of the solution.

AND WOW!!! The New Zealand fitness industry could not have opened their arms wider to embrace this information, to learn more and be interested in how they can implement what they knew immediately. I was very surprised and delighted. The impact was so amazing that Fitness NZ decided to add another day to their end of year convention to put on an 8 hour workshop. ADDING A DAY!!!

I have personally witnessed the growth of interest in Australia which has been largely due to the amazing work of the Continence Foundation of Australia and many other wonderful professionals who have encouraged awareness in others.

I would also like to thank the following people who were also featured in my presentations in New Zealand. Samantha Scoble from Continence Foundation, Dianne Edmonds from the Pregnancy Centre, Michelle Wright from Mishfit who also graciously provided me with a video testimonial, Shira Kramer from Be Active, Sally Thompson from Clearly Now, Australian Fitness Network who have the online education and Willows fitness club and Carol Archer, Teresa Wesslink with her book Weefree women, Mary Dwyer with her book Hold It Sister and also Michelle Kenway. Their examples of how to implement pelvic floor awareness demonstrated how it can be implemented easily and simply into any business.

And…I want to thank the Fitness NZ team who took a risk – this was not what they have usually delivered on their tours each year, and it was a topic that was a ‘little out there’.

Richard Beddie, Nathan Burrows and Stephen Gascal who also were on the trip, along with Julz Darroch made the trip a great experience and a funny one. Even on the tour, we discussed pelvic floor all the time – ALL THE TIME!

I think that everyone’s pelvic floor awareness and general strength improved and we have several open discussions in the most public places as their comfort level on the topic grew and grew. I remember my last discussion was with Richard in a museum about wee flow and how strong it would be an how he had noticed in men’s urinals some men did not pee ‘right’. Nathan can describe a pelvic floor prolapse with the accuracy of a physio and Stephen asked me to talk to his mum. I love it and I loved the openness of the topic and how it became so normal by the end of the trip.

I also want to add something here for the Australian fitness community – guys get your act together!

At each of the presentations there were lots of men, in fact in some cases more than 50% of the group were men. In Australia, we usually have one or a tiny group of brave men who appreciate the importance of this topic. Either NZ fitness professionals are more comfortable with the topic or just assume that this is something that they have to know – well, I don’t know, but Aussie male fitness professionals, come on! This is ridiculous that only 1% of our workshop attendees are men.

I am super excited about going back several times to meet the requests for more information. Again, thank you New Zealand for your interest, passion and earnestness to meet the needs of your communities. It’s awesome!

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