Marietta Mehanni

Mark Davis

Written by Marietta

February 3, 2016

Recently I went to Noosa to spend time with truly one of the best presenters I have had the pleasure to learn from. Mark Davis might not be a name that some of you may know, but you certainly will in the near future.

Mark’s previous careers have included being a Physical Education teacher and a Physiotherapist. He has also been instrumental in the success of AIF in NSW, in developing teams of presenters with exceptional delivery skills. I have seen Mark deliver entertaining sections of the opening ceremonies at FILEX and FITEX and two years ago (in NZ at FITEX) I personally met Mark for the first time. You know when you notice how other people interact with someone and you can tell from the mutual respect that they must be a genuine individual? Mark Davis is that person.

So last year I decided to go to one of Mark’s presentations, curious to learn something new. The sessions at FITEX are one hour long and Mark’s session was going to delve into some heavy information. I was curious to see how it was going to be delivered and expose my mind to something different. I got much more than I ever bargained for. Not only did I learn more than I thought I could in an hour, (hint – it was how Mark delivered the information) but also was blown away by his presentation skills. Oh MY GOD – it was amazing!
Entertaining (which is really important to me) and educational! It was entercational or edutaining, whichever way I could put it, it was truly remarkable.

After FITEX, I started thinking…what if there was a possibility that we could work together? Not one to contemplate for too long, I decided to pick up the phone to organise a meeting and see what could be done. Having just spent two days with Mark and his fabulous family, I am so stoked that we are working on combining our expertise. So everyone… be on the lookout for workshops in the second part of this year. You do not want to miss out on seeing Mark in action – you will definitely be changed.

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