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Kerry Granshaw

Written by Marietta

November 5, 2015

I don’t know Kerry very well, but recently I saw something that she has developed which blew me away. Kerry is a New Zealander who is one of the managers at Kapiti Coast Aquatics and has been passionately involved in all things water for decades. I met Kerry a few years ago and have had the opportunity to have a little catch up each year, when I have had the amazing opportunity to go to Kapiti Coast to deliver workshops.

Quietly spoken, hard working and very passionate, Kerry thinks outside the box. The latest concept caught my eye when I was waiting at the reception desk for assistance with organising my workshops that day. I was not there long, but the flyer caught my eye, and the first thing that popped into my head, was, how clever! So what was on the flyer?

Ok, what do you do in a spa. For me, it is one of those boring places which I don’t often spend much time in. After I have checked out all the other people in the spa, and the passing traffic, I am done. That takes about 3 minutes for me. But if I had something to do…ah ha, then there would be more than just angling the right body part at a jet and waiting for something to happen. What clever intelligent, and rather ingenious Kerry has developed is a Sit and Be Fit program. It focuses on moving joints through a range of motion which provides relief to cranky arthritic joints. Even for people without joint pain, this offers something to do, and more importantly brings a focus that exercise does not have be intense. Movement can performed anywhere and anytime, and I think that this is what I really love.

So people are sitting and moving around effectively. Fantastic. What else are you going to do in a spa? Maybe this would encourage to you get involved in something else that is on offer. And, on top of that, the flyer advertised times that the instructor would be available to take people through the program. Love it. Simple and yet, nothing that I have seen before.

Kerry, you are a source of creative solutions. Kapiti Coast is very fortunate to have you.

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