Marietta Mehanni

Jeanette Richards

Written by Marietta

August 16, 2015

Recently I organised two workshops in Adelaide – Core Foundations and Gymstick for Older Adults. It was the most successful workshop that I have personally conducted in Adelaide, which historically for me, has been challenging to get enrolments. I have to attribute the success to a wonderful, enthusiastic woman, whom also happens to be a ball of energy! – Jeanette Richards.

Jeanette and I have met on several occasions and I have always liked her company and incredible enthusiasm for all things fitness. Her key area of interest is older adults and I admire her for creating opportunities for education for other fitness professionals in this area. Older adults is a section of the community that we all know is growing and is an important issue regarding health…yet, not a lot of people are invested in making sure that it is given the attention that it deserves. In general, the fitness industry is very much about weight loss and high intensity training and a little less interested in the ageing population. But Jeanette makes it a priority and her amazing influence in her community makes this a very topical conversation and a priority.

Last year, when we discussed that we could work together to create workshop opportunities, I knew that I had met someone who was going to follow through and do what she said that she would do. Integrity is a really important quality in a person and one that I highly value. Too many people say what they ‘will’, ‘should’, ‘need’ to do and there is no further action. Jeanette is a woman of action and for this reason, we had great attendance for two workshops, which are truly educational and ground breaking.

Thank you Jeanette for assisting on the day as well as promoting the workshop. I respect and admire you and as I have always said to you and other, you are one of my favourite people.

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