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Written by Marietta

September 4, 2016

You might think that this is an odd thing to put into a newsletter like the one that I have, but the best thing about having your own newsletter is that you can do what you like!

I find one of the most interesting oxymorons that exists in the fitness industry is the concept of work life balance. I have been one of the biggest culprits of this on a personal level – all work and no play.

Well… play, rest and enjoying my world has become a huge driver for me over the past 3 years! One of my highly recommended things to do is Free Walking Tours! These free tours are run in most large cities around the world. The concept is that you book online, turn up at the designated meeting place and time and you are then taken on a walk and entertained for up to 3.5 hours. At the end, you tip what the tour was worth to you. I LOVE IT! My first one was with Donna Ellerton on New Year’s Day 2016 in Melbourne. Yes, I live there and I found out stuff about my city that I had no idea about.
I loved it so much that I did it again with great friends from New Zealand three weeks later and they enjoyed it too. Now I have completed my third one in Amsterdam. I feel that I know the city now and have a greater appreciation for the history and the remarkable people that live here. You are usually shown the key tourist attractions in the city and then some places that you would not consider seeing or understanding the significance of. The guides are funny, knowledgeable and you also get to meet the other interesting tourists that are doing the same thing. Have I already said that I LOVE IT – Well there it is again.

So the next time you are thinking of how to entertain guests, or you are travelling or perhaps wanting to appreciate the city you live it – get onto it and do a Free Walking Tour.

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