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What are your thoughts on the Law of Attraction?

Written by Marietta

February 3, 2016

I am a firm believer in the Law of Attraction, but I have to admit, that this was not always the case. In fact for much of my life, I thought that luck and your destiny was all predetermined. Not a very empowering place to be and I revelled in being the victim. It’s actually a little embarrassing for me to think about how much I enjoyed being a victim, which I know is a very odd thing to say, but it helped justify my position and hence my lack of fortune (in my mind). I guess it was a necessary part of my own personal growth.

As I started down the path of creating my own future by focusing on what I wanted to have and be, rather than spending energy on what I didn’t like (being the victim), my world started changing. Focusing on what was going right, rather than what what was going wrong, my outlook changed from bleak to rewarding and encouraging. I am careful about using the word positive here because for me, and this is my own personal way of understanding the word, positive can be hard to say or be when you are challenged by circumstances. For example, 2015 was a year of lots of personal challenges and I journaled regularly as a way of working through them. Re reading my entries this year has been interesting as I can see that I was often trying to be ‘positive’ but I wasn’t really authentic. I can actually feel the falseness of the entries and the lack of genuiness – as if I was writing the enteries for someone else to read. I didn’t acknowledge how I really felt and it is only once I did this, that I was able to move forward.
Acknowledgment is the most powerful gift that you can give yourself. Acknowledging that a situation has made you angry, or frustrated or even abandoned, can then provide you the awareness of what it is that you do want. Denial is the biggest hurdle and it puts you back in the victim role of ‘stuff just keeps happening to me’ rather than giving you the power to change what you don’t like.

The Law of Attraction says that whatever you give your attention to (thoughts and feelings) is what you will get. The stronger the focus, the quicker it comes, but if you also give attention to what you do not want, then this is what you will attract. If you focus on what you want and do not want, then you will stay exactly where you are, in a perpetual cycle of recreating your circumstances.

Moving forward I am excited about 2016. This year will be the year of more authenticity, more acknowledgment of how I am feeling and thus more empowerment in my choices and finally, acceptance of the outcomes, which is a result of what I have focused on.

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