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Still passionate?

Written by Marietta

November 27, 2013

A question that pops up for me frequently is – am I still doing what I am doing for the right reasons?

The reasons that were so profound to me at the beginning and started the internal fire that we often call passion…

Passion – a desire so strong it drives beliefs, decisions and finally actions. Passion also has a price – for a lot of people, it is pretty high. It often means to be driven, vocal, to push through boundaries, to be unpopular, and sometimes to be controversial. Passion can be quiet or a roar, but regardless, it is the reason.

Why discuss passion this month? – below are some examples of what I see as passion.

Recently I read an article by Michelle Kenway, who articulately wrote about her challenges with the Biggest Loser and reponsibility regarding fitness. As I read her article, I smiled and gave her a personal high five. I was greatly impressed by her courage and passion. I have not seen too many people within the fitness industry put in words how they have felt about the (what I call) sheer craziness that the Biggest Loser demonstrates every week. Michelle is strong, courageous, powerful – passionate.

I often have the opportunity to present for Continence Foundation of Australia – CFA, on Pelvic Floor First. Pelvic Floor First was a government founded initiative that has spurred a growing interest in what is the function of the pelvic floor and how it integrates into the core. In presenting for CFA, I have privilege of co presenting with a number of experts in this area. I always come away from each presentation with bigger internal fire, added to by the enthusiasm, fervour and eagerness to share of each of these amazing individuals that give their time so selflessly – passion.

Over the past three weeks, I caught up with four amazing women who are at the top of their fields in freestyle cycle, Spinning and Les Mills. Each of these women LOVE what they do. When I say this, I mean that they take what they do to the next level. An example was that one of these incredible women was putting together a workout that focused on women and delivering this presentation at an international Spinning event. As she described what was being planned for this ride, her eyes were lit and bright, she spoke with emotion and it was easy to see her heart – passion.

The last point about seeing the heart, puts everything into a nutshell for me. Passion is having the courage to wear your heart on your sleeve. Not everyone is wired up this way, but it is so cool to see it, be in the presence of it and have the experience of feeling it.

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