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Promise or pay

Written by Marietta

May 4, 2015

Brilliant New Idea to motivate your clients and participants

With well-intentioned New Year Resolutions now a distant memory for many, there a newly launched Australian-based social platform which helps people achieve their personal goals, and at the same time generates money for Australian charities.

Promise or Pay is a multi-award winning website based on behavioural research, which shows that chance of achieving a goal increases by 33% if it is shared with others [1] and by up to 72% if money is put on the line[2]. Promise or Pay combines these two approaches to help people stick to their goals by donating money to charity if they don’t follow through with them, and encouraging others to donate if they succeed.

Promise or Pay would offer your clients and participants a new, different and novel way to achieve their health and lifestyle goals. Individuals can make promises to get active and transform their life – whether it is to get fit, to get healthy, or to get organised.

Some of you might remember Fit For Good, which was an Australian Fitness Network incentive to do something similar and it had some success. We all know and understand that people need a goal to be motivated to keep exercising – it makes sense otherwise, why lift a heavy object over and over again to just hit repeat and do it all over again and again and again. This is such a brilliant idea to motivate people to keep going with their exercise and most importantly – MAKES THEM ACCOUNTABLE.

To get a better sense of the concept please visit the website

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