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My top five of ‘What I learned in 2012’

Written by Marietta

November 27, 2013

Lesson 1. The importance of sleep – ok, we all know that this is important and I, like a lot of people, are great at preaching, just not doing. So – sleep has become a much bigger priority. And it’s not I just don’t function properly, I don’t make good food choices, have little patience, suffer from incredible headaches and simply see the world as shades of gray. Maybe it’s my age, but I don’t like being tired and cranky – I am pretty horrible then.


Lesson 2. Never start a conversation to impress with a complaint. I was recently in Dusseldorf meeting with several Gymstick distributors. A potential distributor approached us to request the opportunity to distribute Gymstick products, but the conversation started with a list of complaints about the current distributor and other issues that this person felt was ‘unfair’. All I could think about was – how is this convincing us that you are the best person for this request. I could not understand why they were not selling their abilities or what they could do better. I have made this mistake in my career and have often heard other instructors doing the same. Point taken – sell your strengths and avoid commenting on other’s alleged weaknesses or faults.

Lesson 3. Friendships are impossible to value. I have the most amazing friends. I don’t have many and they are very dear to me. I value their opinion, cherish their company and enjoy listening to their experiences, stories and advice. In 2012, I have had some personal challenges that have provided me the opportunity to see who I can lean on. Their support, love and amazing compassion has shown me that life is wonderful, life is grand and life is to be lived.

Lesson 4. Actions DO speak louder than words. This year has been interesting with many people making claims of what they will do. I have learnt that if someone says something and then does it, they are reliable to their word and you can guarantee that they will fulfil their claims. Alternatively, non action means that this will eventually be the outcome of those who make the grandest of promises. I have often wondered why I have given people ‘one more chance’ which usually results in disappointment and the ‘I knew that would happen’. Well if I knew it would happen, why did I go there again! So, my new resolution – trust and believe those who fulfil their claims and discard belief in those who make empty promises – AFTER THE FIRST TIME.

Lesson 5. Letting go to allow other things to come in. This has not only been a personal experience, but also one that I have observed with my friends and colleagues. The frustrating thing is that letting go seems really hard to do until it is done. This year I let go of the group exercise course and some classes. Some of it was let go for me – lecturing Cert III. I miss it – actually a lot, and certainly if the opportunity comes up again, I would like to be involved. It was a tough lesson in listening to what I am really passionate about and appreciating that you have to move on to allow for others to experience their own potential.

I am looking forward to an amazing 2013. Life is a journey and not a destination – not a quote that I am clever enough to think of, but one that I certainly need to remind myself every time I feel overwhelmed and discouraged. I have to say that 2012 has been an amazing year of highs and lows – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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