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mSwing 2017

Written by Marietta

January 24, 2017

mSwing has certainly been one of the most exciting creative processes that I have ever been involved in. Like most people, I really enjoy starting something fresh, and now that Gymstick and Pelvic Floor First are well established, it has been an itch that I haven’t scratched for a while.

In late January, Mark Davis (Davo) and I had a two day intensive which we called our mSwing Summer Summit. It has been exactly 12 months since we first started to work together and we have been really excited with what we have come up with so far. At the Summit, we planned, created, expanded and explored a range of new ideas that we are working towards. The outcome was truly exciting. So what is in store for 2017?…

mSwing website – we can’t believe that our program has grown to this point, but we hope to launch the mSwing website by the end of March. There will be lots of good stuff there – videos, tips, and online educations for you to use as a resource. More about this in the near future.

mSwing Vimeo workouts – we were very fortunate to be able to create two professionally filmed DVDs with Gymclick Media and they will be available for sale through Vimeo very soon as well as the long awaited mSwing Vestibular DVD.

mSwing Education – this will be our year of creating more education under the mSwing brand and the first one will be the Presenters Course – Do You Want To Be a Conference Speaker or Workshop Presenter. Mark and I have put our resources together to create one of the best and most dynamic courses around on how to be an amazing presenter. I remember the first time I saw Mark present and I was blown away by how effective and interesting his presentation was. Sharing and collaborating with Mark on this has been simply one the best decisions ever! This workshop will be held on March 31st, April 1st and 2nd in Melbourne. If you have always wanted to go in the direction of presenting and educating, make 2017 the year that you start.

mSwing H2O – Some of you just got excited, but this is not a way to swing a dumbbell in the water. It certainly is a way though to apply some of the education that has been delivered in the mSwing workshop, like vestibular training and fascia, to an aquatic environment. This will be completely different and like no other workshop that I have attended in my aqua career. It is in its early stages and we are hoping to deliver this in the 2nd half of 2017.

So are you as excited as we are? 2017 looks to be a wonderful year of evolution and growth. mSwing – here we come.

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