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Written by Marietta

August 16, 2015

I love the word generosity. It implies: grand, heaps, lots and endless. For me more recently it has meant: happily giving, time, unconditional and kindness.
This year has been a huge year of change for me – long term relationship break up, career shifts and moving house. Moving was a big one, as I had loved living in my previous home and for 15 years, it really was home. Somewhere I came home to every night and after every trip. It was where I had numerous experiences, expressed every emotion, and collected things that I liked around me. Probably no different from any one else in their home, but moving is always considered to be one of those big stressful things.

So, I anticipated that it was going to be a long stressful process, one that I would need time to get over. The exact opposite happened. Maybe I had put it into the universe that I would need some help and guidance. Maybe, I also asked for an easy transition and even maybe, I asked for help.

Help came in the form of my beautiful cousin Vivienne and her incredible friend Gianetta. These two amazing women rocked up 30 minutes before the moving guys arrived, helped me move into my new home, and gave instructions to the moving guys. Me – I am clueless when it comes to DIY, but Gianetta, well she is an expert. In fact, she was better than the two moving guys put together and I would add, better than two more capable men!!! She pulled apart furniture, put it together again and made massive repairs to one wardrobe that the moving guys completely destroyed. And to add – Viv and Gianetta were hilarious. These two friends have a friendly (at times mocking) banter between them all day that had me smile, laugh and slightly shocked (I love being shocked). I didn’t need to talk, they did it for me, and I can’t thank them enough for even doing that.
The next day, both fabulous women turned up to help me settle in, go to Bunnings and provide advice that was much needed. Cups of tea and a dinner was all I could offer and I sat down on Sunday night revelling in their incredible generosity and kindness. They gave their time and nothing was too much. I couldn’t stop counting my blessings as to how these two women, whom I have known for a short period of time, just simply showed up.
I think that the best and funniest moment for me was when they both stared at my runners and remarked on how many there were and then when Viv announced that she had never seen so much workout gear. I am quite private about some things and they broke through that too.

Generosity is not always about how much money you can give, or how lovely your presents are. Often it is when someone unconditionally comes to your aide, in what some people might think is a small way, but to others it is huge. To me, this could not even be measured.

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