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FITEX is here again

Written by Marietta

November 15, 2016

Every year there are events that go straight into my new diary – one is the fabulous FILEX which will be in April 2017 in Sydney, the new addition, IAFC which is in May in Florida and the FITEX convention in November in Auckland. The FITEX convention is one of my highlights every year and I have been attending and presenting at this show since 2007 and every year I come away feeling sad that it is all over for another 12 months. So what is it that makes this show so special?

1. I feel smarter. I have this mental test that I do every time I walk into a presentation or workshop. I ask myself at the end 3 questions: What did I learn? (I actually list them). How will this benefit me either personally or professionally? And finally, do I feel smarter than I did when I walked in? I like doing this little self-analysis because it helps me take stock of what I have gained from each experience. It is not often that none of those boxes are ticked, actually it has never happened in a fitness conference. The fact is, and it is true, there is always something to learn, the big question is WHAT?

2. I feel more connected to my industry. Knowing what is happening in the fitness industry, what is new, what is being developed, and who to watch and learn from. In Malcom Gladwell’s book, The Tipping Point, he identifies different types of personalities that choose different times to adopt new ideas. I am definitely what he calls ‘an early adopter’. I love learning something new and then adopting it straight away. It is not natural for me to wait and see if it ‘takes off’ or if everyone else is doing it first before I get involved. To me, if it works, then do it straight away. This has usually been case for me for a variety of different concepts and class formats. So it is a natural common sense decision to go to a conference like FITEX that would provide me with a range of cutting edge ideas that are presented well that I can take home and use straight away.

3. Talking shop and other things. One the really nice things that happens at FITEX that is unique to this event is that the most of the presenters are sequester together in student or holiday park accommodation. This sort of sounds like presenter camp and because we are all together in close living quarters, we actually get the chance to talk. Many of us live all over Australia and get the brief ‘hello, how are you?’ or quick coffee at other events, but at FITEX, we have time to talk and laugh together. And the best part is that a lot of the delegates at the event are also in close proximity, so outside our sessions there is an opportunity to get know instructors. Friendships have been made, bonds have developed and business opportunities created. Often several of the presenters will congregate in one accommodation (often the one that I am in) and in our PJ’s have long into the night deep and meaningful conversations about careers, families, challenges and passions. This is one of my favourite parts that I look forward to.

4. The Kiwis. I know that I have already written about this several times, but there is just something very cool about Kiwis. Everyone that I have ever met is passionate, warm and interesting. I find their love for their history and culture endearing and something that I need to keep going back to NZ for – my Kiwi fix. For those reading this blog that has never been to NZ, it has to be on your bucket list and for those who have not attended the FITEX conference, that has to be on your schedule for this year or next.

There are only (in Mark Davis’ words) ‘a few more sleeps’ before the big event. This year I will be presenting on Step choreography, Muscle conditioning on the floor, How to become a presenter and my juicy new favourite, mSwing. I will be catching up with old friends and making new ones and come back feeling sad again that it will be all over for another 12 months until the applications open again and I can get excited again.

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