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Big plans and action

Written by Marietta

April 6, 2015

A very wise person once said to me “Great ideas are never great until they are a reality.”
Ever since then, I have been mindful of using those words (great idea) as that little piece of advice has stuck itself firmly inside my head. Noone really knows about your ‘idea’ until it becomes a reality and then you can truly say it was a great idea. Often I hear people quickly jump in and say, ‘you’d better do something soon otherwise someone else might do it first’ (this is in reference to your ‘great’ idea) and then that little piece of advice jumps back into my head and I can’t help but reflect how many ‘great’ ideas that I have heard in my life that have never been actioned.

So I want to talk about ‘great’ ideas that have been actioned and I saw a lot of them in Tauranga New Zealand last month in a gym called The Gym. Owned and managed by Lisa and Lindsey Chan, this young couple have literally turned their dreams and ‘great’ ideas into a reality. As I walked around this club, I was impressed with the attention to detail and the quality of equipment and programming, but it isn’t just the club that I appreciated. It was Lisa and Lindsey that really blew me away. This couple don’t just talk about fitness, they live and breathe it and make it part of their community.
Why was I there? I was invited to deliver the Pelvic Floor First message about core training and pelvic floor awareness. Working alongside Allison Ward, a women’s health physiotherapist from BeActive, we delivered an all day training for instructors on the Saturday and a two hour seminar for the members. Lisa and Lindsey participated actively in both, which might not be unique to some people, but I was amazed. I am often presenting in gyms and the coordinator/manager/owner is nowhere in sight. I no longer expect to see any management come for education, but Lisa and Lindsey thought it was important to not only gain the information themselves, but to be also seen as being part of a team and connecting with their community. This couple have a high IQ and really understand how to be professional.
But that is not all… (feels like an infomercial, but this is all true and happening) they also organise community bootcamp competitions, outdoor activities and regularly fund raise for their community. They were very humble about their great ideas and they shared funny stories of the events that they had had recently. I simply sat there with my mouth wide open not quite comprehending how they had the time to do all of this, but they do. Beautiful photos on the walls demonstrated how much fun their members had had during their events, a testament to their amazing energy and enthusiasm.
I flew back home understanding why they were named fitness club of the year in 2013 in New Zealand, beating huge clubs like Les Mills and I hope that a little bit of their passion infected me, as I think that it will certainly go a very long way.

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