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Hydro Worx

Add variety to you water workouts by creating classes that are shallow and suspended. Experience how combining vertical choreography and suspended exercises can provide a range of options for those who do not have access to deep water. Marietta will demonstrate how...

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Splash Dance

You remember the movie Flash Dance! What did you want to be before you became an aqua instructor? The Dancing Queen of course! Groovy retro tracks that will take you back in time when leg warmers, leotards and hand bands were all the rage. Join Marietta in a...

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Aqua Revival

Immerse yourself in this aqua session loaded with new and classic moves and dance-feel funky grooves. This class is all about attitude, in the way you teach and the music you select. Marietta will demonstrate how tempo and rhythm used effectively can mould the moves...

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Get Wet With The 80’s

Are you the ultimate 80's Aqua Diva! Well, then this is the session for you. Relive the fabulous 80's with great hits that remind you of drop waisted skirts, big big hair and of course - the ear rings. Join Marietta in a fun shallow water session with an...

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Liquid Rhythms

How do you successfully choreograph a class? Experience how music can be used as the ultimate motivational tool. Learn how to bring exercise and music together to create an effective workout that you can use over and over again. Get inspired by music that moves you...

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Frothy Foam Ideas

Hail to the humble aquatic dumbbell, our mainstay in our aqua classes for the past 15 years. If you use dumbbells on a regular basis, then this session is a must for you. Spruce up your dumbbell exercises with some new ideas and concepts to implement straight into...

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Image if your class was workout and a cabaret! - a song and dance show that the participants in your class starred in. This class is all about attitude, in the way you teach and the music you select. Marietta will take you on exploration of shallow workouts that are...

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Chocolate Box

Not sure what you want form an aqua master class? Then this is the session for you, with a taste of everything. Nougat - Wall exercises and concepts Hard Carmel - Single Dumbbell Soft Caramel - Double Dumbbell Hazelnut Delight - Choreography Coconut Cream - Noodles...

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Not Just A Dumbbell

Experience the many ways that a single dumbbell can be used in a water based exercise class. Incorporating cardiovascular moves with stabilization exercises, Marietta will demonstrate exercise concepts that include both unilateral and bilateral movements, using only...

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Water + Music = Aqua Aerobics

Music is a powerful motivator that can make an aqua class more than a workout - an experience.  Marietta will demonstrate how tempo and rhythm used effectively can mould the moves and exercises within a class format.  This workshop is aqua with attitude!...

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Choreographed Noodles

The noodle/woggle was introduced into aquatic centres in the early ‘90s with much enthusiasm. We sat on them, played games and used them to keep our participants entertained. Marietta will discuss the relevant skills required when using noodles during an aqua...

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High and Low H2O

Interval training has been an effective form of program design as a form of spots conditioning. Learn how to apply this method of training into an aqua aerobics class without the use of drills. Marietta will explain how to use common aqua moves (and a few new ones) in...

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